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Fireplaces provided with chimney - Classic +

Vista is a range of ceramic gas burners available in three different widths: 60, 90 and 120 cm. Vista burners are ideal for creating innovative design solutions and very wide fireplaces, offering also the possibility to combine them so as to create a single fire and flame effect, together with the optional utilization of ceramic wood and Carrara marble stones. In case of non-standard applications featuring a mouth width up to 6 m, the Vista burners are often used together with a professional electric exhaust fan supplied by dim’ora®, in order to grant the proper draft and operation of the fireplace. They can also be very useful to recover the old wood fireplaces no longer in use, by converting them into gas fireplaces, with a full remote control, while keeping at the same time a flame very similar to those produced by the wood fireplaces. The burners require a traditional chimney whose diameter has to be measured on the basis of the final dimensions of the fireplace

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CON Fireplaces provided with chimney - Classic +
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Trasparente. It is a range of open gas fireplaces provided with firebox equivalent, under any aspect, to the wood models: the logs in ceramic wood feature significant dimensions and the high and intense flames are astonishing. They are characterised by a steel back and lamellar design. Instead of wood, it is possible to choose white Carrara stones or black chips for a minimalist effect. They can be totally controlled by means of a remote control system, and need a traditional chimney with a height of at least 4 m and a diameter of 200 mm to assure a proper operation. Developed on the basis of the 73-100 series, the models of the Trasparente 120-140-160 range are very wide and combine tradition and modern design; the flames are more linear and dancing, following shapes and forms perfectly ideal for the minimalism of stones of smaller wood units. The back consists of a unique black surface. Total control by means of a remote control, traditional chimney required, diameter of 200 mm in the 120 model and minimum height of 4 m; diameter of 250 mm for the 140 and 160 models and minimum height of 6 m. All the models of the Trasparente series whose chimney cannot have an outlet directly on the roof, or has to follow a circuitous path, can operate only after a proper fumes measurement and the following connection to the professional fumes electric exhaust fan supplied by dim’ora® on request.




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