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Why should I buy a gas fireplace by Dimíora?
Because they are very attractive, clean and grant a clean combustion without emissions of PM10 and odours; moreover, these fireplaces turn on and off very rapidly. The fuel doesnít need to be managed anymore: wood, pellet and bioethanol donít have to be purchased nor stored at home (in some cases with great danger) anymore.

Can they be indifferently powered by methane or LPG?
Each fireplace is prearranged and tested to be operated with a specific type of gas, methane or LPG; therefore, itís not sufficient to change the nozzles to change the operation mode: the entire burner must be replaced.

Do they immediately turn on?
All the gas fireplaces by DimíOra turn on quickly; some of them are provided with remote control (Frontal Glass, electric and Classic) or pushbuttons (the models equipped with electric exhaust fans), while others are manual (Xfires).

Are they safe?
They donít produce embers and sprouts that can come out from the fireplace; they are all equipped with safety systems able to stop the operation in case of problems and are guaranteed and EC marked, assuring the highest safety level.

Can they be mounted everywhere?
Some models can be mounted also in bedrooms and bathrooms, because they are waterproof and donít need to use the air present in the surrounding environment (Frontal Glass models); the other models can be installed indoors and in public places.

Do they need a periodic maintenance?
It is recommended to annually clean the fireplaces, the wood and the glass sheets (if any), however a planned maintenance is not requested.

Are they clean?
The combustion is clean, without emissions of soot and odours, the house will be free of any ash or dust fluttering through the rooms.

Do they have to be provided with a traditional chimney for the flue gas discharge?
The Classic models (open) feature a traditional chimney (also in steel); Xfires units (catalytic) are mounted with no chimney at all; Frontal Glass models are provided with a coaxial chimney that can also have the outlet on the wall; finally, the models equipped with electric exhaust fan need a single-wall steel chimney with a horizontal outlet.

Which products are particularly ideal for apartments, especially on the 3rd floor of a 5-storey building?
The Frontal Glass models as well as those provided with electric exhaust fan can feature chimneys with an outlet on the wall, while the Xfires models donít need any chimneys at all. Alternatively, electric fireplaces can be easily employed.

Who can install them?
In order to establish a gas connection, it is necessary the certification of a qualified plumber following the instruction of the installation manual.

Can I have a tailor-made chimney?
DimíOra is a leading Italian company able to produce tailor-made gas fireplaces according to the customers requirements in terms of system and design.

Can they be mounted in hotels and public places?
The gas and electric fireplaces by DimíOra are mounted in some of the most elegant hotels in Italy. Their simple and clean operation, together with a unique charm, make their use recommendable in all public places, matching an easy management and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Can I place a TV on the fireplace?
It depends on the type of fireplace and installation, however itís always possible to find a suitable solution.

Can I adjust the heat output of the gas fireplaces from my sofa?
The heat output adjustment is immediate thanks to the comfortable remote control supplied with the fireplace.




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