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Fireplaces with traditional chimney


How many times, coming at home, you look at your fireplace and think it would be nice to enjoy the warmth of fire, have a break and a cup of tea, relax, but the thought of having to go and pick up the firewood, work hard to light it up and clean it, made you change your mind?

The Classic range of products, together with the Glass Enclosed models, allow you to use fireplaces easily, without dirtying, with a simple click.

Safety guaranteed

Dim’Ora Classic and Glass Enclosed products comply with EEC safety standards and with the European Gas Appliance Directive (decorative gas fire). The production process is monitored according to the ISO 9002 quality system and every single device manufactured is tested and lit up before being delivered. Each product is equipped with a thermocouple, which automatically interrupts the gas supply in case the flame goes off, and with a so-called “oxipylot”, an oxygen detector with two pilot flames ensuring an even higher safety: when the device detects an oxygen level that is lower than normal, it automatically interrupts the gas flow fed to the burner.

All our products are approved and certified according to the strictest European norms. The installation of Dim’Ora fireplaces in any private household complies with and is governed by Italian standards relating to gas appliances, in conformity with the national fumes regulations and, in particular, with the 46/90 law and the UNI 7129/1-2-3-4 standard, without necessarily needing the authorization of the local health authority, the fire department or other organizations. The connection to the gas supply must always be carried out by a plumber belonging to the CCIA collective agreement who can issue the required certification.




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