Fireplace without chimney for gardens and outdoor applications

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Fireplace without chimney for gardens and outdoor applications

Just like a little bonfire on the beach, The Buzz is a fireplace destined to become the centre of conviviality or of individual meditation. The atmosphere it creates is really unique. Designed and manufactured for terraces and gardens only, it does not need any chimney, making it easier to be installed. It is used manually, and it represents the ideal solution for a spring evening or for a summer night, after a day of rain, for a winter afternoon, at home, at the restaurant, at your favourite pub, in those moments you want to go out and relax, smoke a cigarette with your friends, warmed by a delightful hot fire without having to go under the usual steel “mushroom”. It is for this purpose that Dim'ora® has designed The Buzz, a new way to live the fire, not only at home, not always alone, with all the convenience of transporting it anywhere. The Buzz is a fireplace without chimney, specially designed for outdoor environments, available in both the methane and the LPG versions, also featuring an ashtray as an optional. Easy to handle and to light up, it comes with firewood made of glass ceramics, which becomes incandescent, and does not need any particular installation. It is ideal specially for public places featuring an outdoor area and, once it has been used, it can be covered and transported on its wheels into the most suitable place. It can also be customised on demand with logos and colours.


Fireplace without chimney for gardens and outdoor applications
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