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Fireplace without chimney


Finally, the pleasure, the emotion and the warmth of fire are now available anywhere, even in the middle of the city, in an apartment or in a bedroom. Wherever it didn’t seem possible to create a traditional chimney, now it is.

The solutions offered by Dim’Ora are different and yet all equally attractive, including gas or electric fireplaces, real furnishing accessories to be dressed and customised, or to be integrated into the furniture.

Modern flame without chimney (Xfires models), traditional open flame with electric exhaust fan (Dim’ora 22), fully waterproof fireplaces featuring a modern design (Frontal Glass models), electric fireplaces, real flame effect without heating (water bio-fireplace), a new way to enjoy the ancestral pleasure offered by fire.

Unlike traditional fireplaces, dim’ora fireplaces are built and designed to work perfectly also with fume extraction pipes which, according to the models, can also have the outlet on the wall. The chimney features a compact size and it does not have to necessarily reach the roof: this is why Dim’Ora design fireplaces can be easily installed into apartments in condominiums and mostly controlled remotely.

All our products are approved and certified according to the strictest European norms. The installation of Dim’Ora fireplaces in any private household complies with and is governed by Italian standards relating to gas appliances, in conformity with the national fumes regulations and, in particular, with the 46/90 law and the UNI 7129/1-2-3-4 standard, without necessarily needing the authorization of the local health authority, the fire department or other organizations. The connection to the gas supply must always be carried out by a plumber belonging to the CCIA collective agreement who can issue the required certification.




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