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Without traditional chimney - Gas stoves

Over the centuries, stoves have always been heating devices powered by wood, coal, gas and then pellet. Nowadays dim’ora®, in cooperation with Faber, presents a range of furnishing gas stoves with a modern design, that put these objects in a contemporary light. The internal part of these stoves is manufactured in low-density ceramic wood, so as to highlight at full blast the glowing effect of the embers. The Odense, Jelling and Vaska models all feature the “balanced flue” system typical of the Frontal Glass line, with coaxial chimney with a diameter of 150 mm, while the Kolding model can operate with a traditional chimney with natural draft and a diameter of 100 mm, or according to the customers’ choice in the versions characterised by balanced flue. Just like the models of the Frontal Glass line, the stoves are waterproof products belonging to class C 11 and the fumes discharge can have either a wall outlet through the external façade (in compliance with UNI 7129 standard), or a roof one.

vaska jelling odense

Without traditional chimney - Gas stoves
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