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Fireplaces with chimney - Kombifire

KombiFire, wood and gas operation in the same fireplace. Lots of people ask themselves what kind of fireplace may meet their requirements at best: should they choose a traditional wood fireplace or a gas one, easier to be managed? To answer this question, it is essential to understand where the fireplace is going to be placed, where the building is situated (in the countryside, in town), whether the management of wood is going to be simple and, above all, when the fireplace is going to be used. Nowadays, the choice between wood and gas is unnecessary. Kombifire by dim’ora® keeps the positive aspects of both the typologies, by combining them in a unique patented model.

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Gas and wood fire can burn separately, with the utmost safety granted by a special and patented “switch” system. This system doesn’t need the intervention of plumbers. With its wood and gas operation, Kombifire by dim’ora® is a real decorative open fireplace that creates a special atmosphere and produces heat without being a stove: the flames are open and don’t hide behind any glass or metal sheet. KombiFire by dim’ora® is a unique, easy and safe system. It meets the most rigid requirements in terms of safety tests compliant with the certifications; moreover, it is approved by KIWA and SGS. The system is certified and EC marked in all European countries.


CON Fireplaces with chimney - Kombifire
Brochure (336 Kb)
Kombifire 65 Angolare DX (136 Kb)
Kombifire 65 Angolare SX (139 Kb)
Kombifire 65 Frontale (134 Kb)
Kombifire 65 Trifacciale (135 Kb)
Kombifire 85 Angolare DX (136 Kb)
Kombifire 85 Angolare SX (141 Kb)
Kombifire 85 Frontale (131 Kb)
Kombifire 85 Trifacciale (137 Kb)
Kombifire Block 65 (492 Kb)
Kombifire Block 85 (492 Kb)




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