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The company

The history


The Furlanis family has been operating in the construction industry for several generations. This dynasty was founded by Armando Furlanis, who was appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro (knight of work) and has for many years represented a point of reference for the company.

For 70 years, the Furlanis Group has gained top-level know-how, thanks to the activities carried out by its construction companies in Italy and in the Arabian Countries, building key public works including motorways as well as hydraulic and civil engineering works.

In 1999 the company, by then managed by the third generation of the Furlanis family, decided to launch, under the Dim’ora brand, a product which represented an absolute novelty at those times – the gas fireplace without chimney. In this way, they opened a sector which had, until then, never took off, exactly because the benefits provided by this product were not yet known on the Italian market.

These fireplaces are real modern, basic and versatile furnishing elements, ideal for any kind of urban architecture. The brand concept stems from the opportunity to offer a collection of gas fireplaces “without chimney” specifically designed for who live in modern, even small apartment, or where it would be difficult or extremely expensive to build masonry structures.

The people


Dim’ora’s business has been developed based on this concept, by merging its industry know-how with the work of a highly skilled team of architects, designers, stove fitters, steelworkers and engineers, thus ensuring that the fireplaces installed are certified and compliant with European standards.

The philosophy

The products marketed under this brand stand out for their easy installation, great flexibility of implementation, certified technology and top-level design, thus ensuring maximum safety and promising optimum energy saving. The gas fireplace represents the ideal solution for enjoying all the warmth of fire without the inconveniences of the firewood: these fireplaces are clean and can be managed also by using a remote control.

DIM’ORA’s chart of values

Feelings: Not only realism, but also a product which offers all that reality conveys and suggests.
Innovation: Tradition, but in the name of efficiency and research.
Helpfulness to others: Openness to the ideas and opinions of others
A solution at any cost: Overtake any technical challenge
Valorisation of human resources: The ability to bring out the characteristics of everyone
Never give up: Competitiveness even in sympathy




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