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Water bio-fireplace without chimney

“The reversal of natural elements”: flames generated by water that don’t deliver heat. Flames are only a decorative effect that produce no heat, except for the Hemmet and Jelling models. The water bio-fireplaces make it possible to enjoy heat in every season, also in summer, with low electricity consumptions. This fireplace offers a flame effect without heat emissions, its aim being exclusively a decorative one. This pleasant effect can be enjoyed every time of the year. The flame effect is generated by a low wattage motor and three 60 W lamps. Its use is very easy and requires a socket: water is placed inside a vessel and, thanks to a special treatment, creates a dry steam. The vapour is then lighted creating a highly evocative atmosphere, akin to bioethanol fireplaces already on the market but without dangers, odours and the risks deriving from the management at home of highly inflammable fuel. This open flame model can be wall-mounted as well as recessed and it is also available with glass sheets on two sides (two-sided) or on three sides (three-sided).

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Water bio-fireplace without chimney
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