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Fireplaces without chimney - Xfires

In cooperation with its partner Acquisitions of London, dim’ora® presents X-Fires, its new range of gas fireplaces without chimney. Its main traits are minimal style and contemporary taste. It is essentially characterised by the absence of chimney, offering the best solution to the placement problems relating to the structural aspects of the house. The X-Fires modules can be installed in any domestic environment except bathrooms and bedrooms. The frames are made of natural materials, white stone and black granite with a mirror-finishing as an option. The patented frames can be easily mounted and are characterised by extraordinary lightness. The flames are amazingly realistic thanks to the new reflection system technology. X-Fires fireplaces are eco-friendly and assure low consumptions. Their installation is easy and quick, requiring just few steps. It is sufficient to provide the gas supply, fix the burner to the wall and finally hang the frame by fastening it with four screws. It is advised to drill a hole with a diameter of 10 cm for the air vent.


Fireplaces without chimney - Xfires
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