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Fireplace without traditional chimney – Dim’ora 22 with electric exhaust fan

Enjoy the magic of the flames produced by the gas fireplaces by dim’ora®, the innovative furniture elements that look at tradition. Thanks to their absolute versatility, safety and cleanliness, they represent the ideal solution for heating the house. These fireplaces, really a byword for quietness and ease, combine the old hearth with innovation and new lifestyles. dim’ora® 22 is a range of fireplaces without chimney provided with electric exhaust fan suitable for domestic applications. The absence of the chimney doesn’t represent a problem, because the combustion products are extracted by a specific electric exhaust fan positioned on the external wall. The fireplaces consist of three elements: a big dimensioned fire box (with a width of 62 cm, height of 59 cm and thickness of 22,3 cm), a smoke extractor and a switch. They feature an electronic ignition system with wall switch, the possibility to adjust the flames to make them more intense or dancing, thanks to the burner knob, and the convection resulting from hot air.


Fireplace without traditional chimney – Dim’ora 22 with electric exhaust fan
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Just like the others fireplaces by dim’ora®, this range is provided with mantelpiece and ornaments manufactured using different materials. The installation of dim’ora® is very easy and has to be carried out by a plumber belonging to the CCIA collective agreement who can issue the required certification. If the preliminary advices are followed, the installation process is even quicker: the gas supply connection, the socket, the frame or structure for the fireplace, the choice of the suitable wall for the switch and of the external wall for the smoke extraction. The chimney starts from the fireplace and reaches the smoke extractor through the external wall. The path of the chimney, having a diameter of 12 cm, can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal and can reach a length of 9 m, with two hairpin and four 45° bends. The smoke extractor is the most silent among the models on the market and its implementation makes dim’ora® 22 a true Rolls Royce of the fireplaces! The dim’ora® 22 modules comply with EEC safety standards and with the European Gas Appliance Directive (decorative gas fire). The production process falls within the ISO 9002 quality system and each single device is turned on and tested before the delivery. The products are provided with a thermocouple, which automatically interrupts the gas supply in case the flame goes off. Oxipilot, an atmospheric sensing device featuring two pilot flames, grants a higher safety level: when the device detects a quantity of oxygen lower than normal, it automatically stops the gas supply to the burner. The dim’ora® 22 range is available also for buildings equipped with a traditional chimney with natural draft.




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